Painter, Uruguay

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Maria Cecilia Scaffo, is born in Montevideo, Uruguay the 23 of December of 1964.
Of mother painter, she inherits what later it will be his great passion. Its formation in its beginnings by its mother, shares with its brothers the prettiest creative experiences. In the school already one stands out by his abilities in the drawing, showing a security in the outline and great capacity of observation.
1980 - It initiates his studies like advertising sketcher, dictated by Armand Suberbielle in BURÖ /Study of Communication.
1981 / 84 - It professionally works in Ferrero and Ricani /Publicity and 1982 in IMPETU /Advertising Organization.
1985-1987 - It definitively leaves the world of the publicity to dedicate itself completely to the painting and one registers in the E.N.B.A . National school of Beautiful Arts and later in the Factories of Jose Arditti and Juan Storm in 1987.
1990 - By their work "Snails" obtain Prize in the X Leonístico Hall Youth.
1992 - First individual exhibition makes his in Gallery "Space" where it exposes his series "Hieroglyphic" . It thus denominates them to feel them like a language of a world that is inner, spiritual, mystical. Where the objects of the unconscious one were transformed into forms and symbols.
1995 - It makes two exhibitions you synchronize in "Stroll of the Matrix" where in the first hall it exposes its series of oils "Vibrations" , where Elisa Roubaud of the newspaper "the Country" comments... The painting of Scaffo calls the attention by its colorful intoned, vibrant stop and and valued well. It composes and it structures solidamente as it could not be of another way of a good student of Storm. On this base it runs with his colors to create a world that is inner to the way of nabis, with boldness of color that sends to Fauve painters, characteristics whom they form a strong influence of the French painting and I touch vangoghianos in the circular rates of its pinceladas. Its painting is decorative and gestual she is flat, rythmical, vegetal, organic, plastic, well is conceived.
1995 - In this year it makes studies of Grafico design by computer in PCentro, where thanks to these knowledge and their permanent investigation of the education for the art, take to the creation of educative librillos for titled children " Magical Small box to it" (7 volumes) material didactic oriented to stimulate the creativity and inventiveness of the children of between 7 and 12 years.
He collection "Magical Small box" this directed to the small ones, although the greater ones also can find ideas very original.
Each small box contains activities in paper, fabric or wool, maderitas, cardboard or fine cardboard and a special subject on him COLOR. They are easy to do and they go step by step accompanied and of attractive drawings.
2000 - It exposes individually in the department of Maldonado in bank "COFAC" (Pirlápolis).
2001- individual Exhibition in "Notte Spaghetti" ( Montevideo)
2002 - It along with makes the children of the Simón school Bolivar, a mural, in the walls of this school.
2003 - Individual exhibition in the "Cultural Center of the Dove" , (Rocha) where exposes its series " Dancing Objects".
2004 - Continuous working and studying all the referring one to the Digital art, without leaving and neglecting the drawing and the painting that is its source

Cecilia Scaffo is cooperating with Amalie Wissing:

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