Painter, Digital Art, Hungary

©reated by Anikó Hencz

I was born in Transylvania in 1962.
During my school-years, I was taught graphics and painting by some excellent artists. Later on I took private drawing lessons and was more and more attracted towards abstract works.
I have been drawing and painting ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand…
The most valuable feature of digital art, as I see it, is the endless freedom of artistic techniques, easily allowing to alter hand-drawing with computer,- and photo manipulation. Thus, traditional and abstract elements can live together in harmony.
My paintings are mostly the sensitive creations of my imagination. I keep analyzing and rearranging found and searched for motifs, my dreams, my thoughts, abstract images. These works are full of tension and emotional dynamics, with specific color and form solutions. This way, my work cannot be anything else but “me”, a piece of me, which is continuously recharging and wishing to express itself over and over again. This process carries with it the duality and succession of periods of stormful creation with periods of peacefulness.
As a matter of fact, my work does not belong to any artistic category or trend. All my digital paintings have their own world and their own story.

Digital Paintings of Anikó Hencz are inserted in the following works of Amalie Wissing:

Hinter jedem Satz: BIRD OF PASSAGE
Wer bist du mir: MIDDLE OF NOTHING
Wege: OMEN
Haben und Sein: THE LAME DOG'S DREAM