Painter, Visual Artist, Haiti and Canada

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Short Bio on the visual artist
Marie-Denise Douyon

Nomadism very early marks the course of this Haitian artist who at the age of three leaves with her family, her native land., Haiti. Fleeing the Duvalier regime of Papa Doc. and his fearsome Tontons Macoutes *, in 1964 her parents exile themselves towards North Africa and settles in the town of Medea, in Algeria, with their three children. In 1966, the family crosses the Moroccan border and the Douyon establish themselves in Casablanca where they will remain for the next fifteen years. The childhood and the privileged adolescence of the youngest child Marie-Denise run out peacefully paced with summer vacations across the Gibraltar Detroit in Spain. Her childhood years embrace the throbbing accents of the oriental culture and Marie-Denise will grow up sharing part of her Moroccan universe, being educated in French schools and embedded of her family Haitian culture. These three cultural flavors which intermingle in her daily youth will develop in this future artist a keen taste for diversity and interculturalism.

Upon completing her secondary courses, Marie-Denise Douyon chooses to pursue her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York where she graduates with honors in visual arts.

When the Duvalier Regime collapses in 1986, she joins her mother and sister, recently established in Port au Prince and discovers a land overwhelmed with faith and euphoria.

Since she immigrated to Montreal in 1991, her artwork has translated an identity rooted both in her country of origin and her adopted country.

*Papa Doc and his Tontons Macoutes : Francois Duvalier president and dictator of the Duvalier Regime was in power from 1957 to 1971. He establishes the fearsome parallel force the tontons macoutes. In June 1964, he proclaims himself president for life and designates his sun Jean Claude as his successor before dying in 1971.

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