Painter, Spain

©reated by Lázaro Ferré

The Artist Statement and Education

I think the easiest way to define my activity as an artist and my intellectual approach to art would be to quote Apollinaire’s thesis in his Les Peintres cubistes: méditations esthétiques, especially the following sections:
... Therefore, as an offer to the spirit, in the plastic arts, the fourth dimension should be generated by the three known dimensions: represented by the immensity of space eternally present in all the dimensions of a given moment …
... Cubism differs from the painting that came before it because it is not the art of imitation, but the art of thought raised to the level of creation …
... Scientific cubism is one of the pure trends. It is the art of painting new compositions with elements taken not from visual reality, but from the reality of knowledge …
... Physical cubism is the art of painting compositions with elements taken primarily from virtual reality …

In my painting, I work with geometric figures arranged on different planes that overlap one another and blend into real shapes (bottles, cats, birds, fruit), fabricated objects (small origami birds and paper boats) and everyday things (hats, shoes, etc.) to create a world of mystery and sensuality. The lines I draw are devised and expressed as sensual, mystic happiness.
My works are full of shapes and visual configurations that diversify, overlap and repeat to activate an imaginary world that is also real in order to create an emotional charge and an atmosphere of poetic expression.
Works in which paint and air combine to create plastic expression.

Born in Barcelona 1945

He begins his studies in the Baixas Academy.
San Jorge Art College.
Mural painting school in San Cugat del Vallés, under the teacher Miquel Farré, with a scholarship from the Barcelona Provincial Council.
He studies engraving at the Art College.
He collaborates with the painter Ramón Vincens on the Bankisur mural in Barcelona (Chamber of Commerce).
Assistant to Professor Francisco Ribera Gómez at the San Jorge Art College.


1968 First prize for drawing San Jorge Art College
First prize for Christmas cards San Jorge Art College
1969 First prize for drawing San Jorge Art College
Second prize for painting San Jorge Art College
1970 Prize from Barcelona City Council for the most distinguished student of the 1969-70 academic year.
Scholarship from the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation in Granada.
1971 Study scholarship in the Paluar de Segovia, silver medal from the Regional Council of Segovia.
1972 XIV Painting Prize, Joven Sala Parés. Premio F.Gimeno
1976 Picasso bronze medal. Málaga
Second prize for painting in the “Premio Miguel Carbonell”, in Molins de Rey.

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