Sculptor, Sweden

©reated by Ian Newbery

As well as his membership of the RBS he is a member of Artists Centre of Sweden, Artists Association in Smaland, Swedish Sculptor Union and BUS Sweden, a veritable Artistic giant having exhibited his work on such far flung places as Germany, Norway, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, USA and Britain where his monolithic artistry is in such demand. He somehow cathces the sheer spirituality and strength of his raw material and tranforms it mightily yet delicately.

Awards and Prizes
2006 Special Invitation, Beijing Sculpture Institute, China
2006 Aji International Stone Craft Contest, First Prize, Japan
2003 Honourable award, Yuzi International Sculpture Awards, China
1999 Raumars artist in residence, Rauma, Finland
1999 Hanasaari scholarship, Helsinki, Finland
1998 The Längmanska Culture Fond, Sweden
1998 Lessebo Municipal, Sweden

Self Portrait by Ian Newbery

A sculpture by Ian Newbery is inserted in the following text:

Rosas y Azafrán/Cover: Title: RED CHROMOSOME