Painter, Netherlands and Belgium

©reated by Georgette van Noppen


Georgette van Noppen
28-09-1971, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Lives and works in the village of Boekhoute (Assenede), Belgium.
She studied Materials and Techniques in Kentfield, USA in 1992.
However,she is mainly a self-taught artist.

Georgette started drawing and painting when she was a child.
At the age of 11, she already knew, it would be indispensable for her further life.
Her work reflects her inner world; she is inspired by the phases of life, poetry, nature and music.

Her paintings tell about thoughts, dreams and feelings,as well in an abstract as in a figurative way she creates a poetic mood on the canvas.

Georgette’s use of rounded shapes returns in many of her paintings.
Her colourpalet differs from period to period, but is rarely hard or bright.
Working with mixed media, she explores the interaction of the different materials.
She lets the material work by itself, rotating the canvas throughout the whole painting process, observing it, and changing it as the painting evolves. Her work is build up in layers of thinned paint,
where the last layer covers up certain parts of the canvas, creating more depth.

The materials used in her latest work are mostly acrylic paints, crayon and Indian ink, using the surface of stretched canvas or wooden panel.

Occasionally she works with digital photography, and makes lamps and wooden mobiles, made from found and used objects.

A work of art by Georgette van Noppen is inserted in the following text:

Würzburg ist zu katholisch: Title: BIRD-TREE