Talent Seekers' Diary

The making of: Artists cooperating with Amalie Wissing

von    Amalie Wissing    25.01.2008


Painting ©reated by Pejman Tadayon

About the Project

Before the project was born:

For many years, I experienced, a similarity/coincidence in the "transformation of information" or "expression of impression"
- that is to say in a multitude of artworks - of the many artists in all categories through time and space.

This disparate multitude, being at the same time one and similiar, has its parallel expression in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE BORN FREE AND EQUAL" ....

(see full declaration: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights )

I sought to confirm my intuition:

So I made my way through the www., visited between 5000 to 8000 webpages of artists worldwide (Talent seekers seemed to be the most appropiate platform), trying to find the art works, that I felt would co-express the message of my written words. You may appreciate, that this co-expression sometimes underlines and sometimes contrasts with my text.

Of course, it took its many nights to get the present result, but I have really enjoyed this cooperation with the many artists I discovered. It seemed - and still does - a warm and heartfelt cooperation and I feel proud to have them all on board my ship, that now is sailing beyond all borders.

How it was done:

You see, this cooperation is built upon trust and honesty, respect and welcome, truth and imagination, joy and coolness, knowledge and inspiration.
So in order to celebrate this extraordinary project and us, the cooperating artists, I created in addition the "Talent Seekers' Diary".
There you find all the cooperating artists with an additional personal page, the links for contacting the artist directly and my thanks

Looking forward:

And, yes, I admit I feel a little proud, sailing along on the high seas with this most incredible crew of artists, and I can assure you, that all those who want to come on board, are welcome.

Amalie Wissing