Talent Seekers' Diary

The making of: Artists cooperating with Amalie Wissing

von    Amalie Wissing    25.01.2008


Painting ©reated by Pejman Tadayon

Thank You, Arturo, Thanks To All Of You

This diary will document the most beautiful experience of artists all around the world, that I had the luck to cooperate with in this project. At the beginning, it seemed to be nothing but just an idea. Then the little spark, step by step, gave light to those many eyes and ears, mouths, hands and hearts that deeply feel and express their many focusses on so called "done realities". And please, allow me here to say that artists are the most wonderful story-tellers the world has had and ever will have.
The cooperation with the artists who will be mentioned in this book, gave both to me, great pleasure and deep experiences.
Nevertheless, my first thanks have to go to Arturo Tirador, the initiator of this enormous platform 'Talent Seekers', that opens its great doors to welcome creative and peaceful communication by works of art.
And all the artists, that I had the chance to get in contact with through Talent Seekers, and all those who might read this document of peace and understanding in this immense world we share and have to look after, may hopefully enjoy this little Thank-You-All, our joint "Talent Seekers' Diary".
Amalie Wissing

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